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Emerald Forest's Anniversary

Emerald Forest Shampoo - 30 Year Anniversary

Emerald Forest's 30 Year Anniversary!

Emerald Forest® botanical Shampoo and Conditioner was introduced November 1992. A time when there were only 12 Whole Foods stores, gas was just over $1/gallon, the natural health food industry was fledgling, and many of us were not even born yet. Soon after its introduction, Emerald Forest’s products gained popularity and became available at grocery and health food stores across the U.S.

By 2001, Emerald Forest was becoming a favorite, highlighted by Emerald Forest Conditioner being chosen as one of the Best Conditioners in renowned beauty expert Rona Berg’s “Beauty, the new basics” book.

In 2009, Emerald Forest was acquired by Natural Tropix and relocated to San Diego. To keep pace with industry and customer demands for cleaner, “better-for-you” products, Emerald Forest did extensive research and development to create its new product formulations.

Today, 30 plus years later, our products are some of the finest available, using high quality and industry leading ingredients including organic and fair-trade, and perform exceptionally well. We source ingredients that are sustainably harvested, organic and fair trade, and our signature Sapayul oil, the ancient Mayan secret for beautiful hair. Our products are made without sulfates, gluten, silicones, PEGs and parabens. They are made with rainforest inspired botanicals and are vegan friendly and cruelty free.

A portion of profits are donated to organizations active in rainforest preservation.

Feel Good About Looking Great!TM

30 years and counting…we thank you all for your continued support of Emerald Forest!

Thank You!