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Our Story


Emerald Forest was founded in Southern California in 1992. Our iconic rainforest themed packaging symbolizes our support for a bigger purpose, "Help Protect The Rainforest", which is echoed on every package. We are located in beautiful San Diego and proudly make high quality products, inspired by the rainforest, for you to enjoy!

The Sapayul Secret

The modern world is finally discovering what the indigenous people of the rainforests have known for centuries. Tropical plants possess magical properties that can enhance the quality of our lives. Deep in the rainforests there grows such a plant. The ancient Mayans gave it a beautiful name, Sapayul [pronounced SAP-A-YOOL], rhymes with cool.

The Ancient Mayan Secret

....Sapayul oil comes from the seeds of Sapote, a fruit indigenous to the Central American rainforests. Sapayul oil has a pleasant almond-like nutty aroma and is an ancient Mayan secret for beautiful hair.

Botanicals, Organic & Fair Trade. . .

There's more to the Emerald Forest story than beautiful hair. Sapayul oil is just one of the many exotic botanical essences in the Emerald Forest formulas. We also source ingredients that are sustainably harvested, Organic and Fair Trade.

Rainforests play a significant role in the maintenance of weather patterns and the supply of fresh air and water. Natural elements and species from rainforests are the basis of countless consumer, agricultural, medical and industrial products.

Rainforests are home to more species of plants and animals than anywhere else on earth.

And yet, in the time it takes to read this sentence, an area of precious rainforest could be lost.

Help Protect The Rainforest

Emerald Forest debuted its botanical products in the early days of the natural products industry. Today, some 30 plus years later, we continue to improve upon our products with ingredients that are better-for-you and the environment. We also continue to make donations to organizations active in rainforest preservation.

Emerald Forest makes donations to organizations active in rainforest preservation.

Emerald Forest products are available in natural and health food stores nationwide. When you use Emerald Forest botanical products, you're not only enjoying the finest quality products, you are also helping to save humanity's most precious living treasure.

Our products are cruelty-free, contain no artificial colors, are packaged in recyclable plastic, paraben free and proudly made in the USA.

So let the rainforest care for your hair while you care for it.

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